We believe that practices should be able to focus on what matters most - serving their patients.

At Gather, we're building new tools that make it easier to run your practice while saving you time and money.

Our story

Our co-founder Azum grew up working in his dad's pediatrics clinic in Louisiana. As a solo practitioner, Azum's dad was responsible for seeing patients, handling billing, managing payroll, buying supplies, and everything in between.

Azum worked to help his Dad by buying supplies, but found the process of buying supplies shockingly difficult. He spent countless hours price shopping, calling distributors, dealing with items being out of stock, and comparing items. On top of this, prices constantly changed, meaning that the best item one month was the wrong item the next month.

Azum and Kevin realized that this problem wasn't confined to Azum's dad's clinic - it's a problem faced by clinics across America every single day. Clinics are struggling to get the supplies they need at reasonable prices.

We founded Gather to help practices thrive and make it easier for them to provide quality healthcare at a lower cost. You'll be able to buy the supplies you need at industry-leading prices using a single simple tool.

Running a clinic is hard. We put you first and we'll help you succeed.

Our team

Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu

CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin is from Birmingham, Alabama and received a BA in Economics from Columbia University. He previously worked as a product manager at Coursedog and as an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. In his free time, Kevin loves to ski, play basketball, and watch LSU football.
Azum Beg

Azum Beg

CTO & Co-Founder

Azum is from Leesville, Louisiana and received a BS in Economics from Duke University. He was previously a software engineer at Matroid. In his free time, Azum is an avid climber and biker.